We offer a broad spectrum of services for events and festivals from providing a full scale theatrically themed area and huge spectacle show to small scale productions, event animation and solo and double act bookings.

The services we offer are:

  • Sets and decoration-The other worlds we create would not be possible without the highly skilled creative force that is the Invisible Circus build, décor and props dept. able to realise any creative vision or dream from design to construction and capable of working to tight deadlines the build crew are one of the companies most dynamic and high impact creative assets. One of our highly skilled Set Builders is Will Kinnell take a look at his website: http://ksemset.weebly.com/


  • Hair and Make-up-We work with professional hair and make up artists to create the massive variety of magnificent characters that have graced the stages at our events. They can make you look older, younger, more feminine/masculine, dead, out of this world, monstrous, they are here to help you to be whatever you want to be.


  • Lighting and Sound-Our sound and lighting departments are run by a team of highly skilled free lancing professionals with dynamic vision and technical expertise. They can make any event look beautiful and sound amazing.


  • Performance Rigging-The often un-sung heroes of the big scale Invisible Circus spectacles are the rigging crew who make all of the daredevil aerial effects and installations possible. A skilled team of IRATA qualified performance riggers are capable of bringing all manner of objects and individuals into the air, creating stunning special effects and defying the laws of gravity and nature by literally making humans fly!


For more information please contact us on: info@invisiblecircus.co.uk