A truly eclectic mix of some of the finest circus and cabaret performers are available for individual bookings, from hula hoopers and acrobats to object manipulators, magicians and aerialists, all set to a live musical score by our masters of musical madness The Carny Villains, a truly jaw dropping high octane circus show can be tailored to suit your event.

One of the most engaging and intrinsic elements of the Invisible Circus shows are the actors who bring to life the worlds we create on stage and for our promenade productions and installation performances. Able to devise and develop characters, stories and sub plots for shows and events they make The Invisible Circus a truly immersive experience.


Corporate Events

We have a high track record of creating innovative performances, tailored to our clients needs. If you are looking for a pre-designed production for or a tailored show we can help. Booking a great act will really make your event special.


Pirate Theme

Pirates Ahoy! A buccaneering crew of rogues, brigands, and salty sea dogs are closing in amidships. Assembled from across the 7 seas, the host of characters spans the full spectrum of nautical legend. From mellifluous mermaids to rampaging marauders, from scheming harbour masters to canny customs men, from hearty men o war to jumping jack tars, the good ship Invisible is loaded to the gunwales with death defying circus skulduggery and bursting with theatrical bounty…..



Vintage Theme

Weaving vintage circus through a dark, theatrical prism, The Invisible Circus have created a wealth of classic characters through the years. Forged in the infamous Carny Ville, archetypal circus meets cutting edge drama and spins through all the glittering magic of the big top. Evolving traditional aesthetics into an otherworldly spectacle wreathed in myth and mystery, the Vintage show encapsulates both a fading past and a spellbinding future.

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1920’s Theme

Prohibition. Bristling with tommy guns, dripping with art deco attitude and laced with Manhattan moonshine, our Gangsters and Molls skid you straight into the heart of the Roaring Twenties on an unforgettable heist. Busting out of the big house and on the red hot loose, their dazzling circus swells and high binding hatchet men will get any joint jumping and every speakeasy swinging. Drop a dime on it pal.

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Alice in Wonderland Theme

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and shoot straight into a seat at the Mad Hatters Tea Party. As imagination boggles and reality bends, gravity defying acrobatics and juggling from Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum flank aerial wonders from Alice and the White Rabbit as Mr Caterpillar floats through space, time and mid air. Madder than a March Hare who’s been up to mischief, your host the Mad Hatter will confuse, bemuse and thoroughly amuse as the rabbit hole runs ever deeper.

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Booking Individual Acts

We are happy to work with you to tailor the event to your desires.

If you any questions please contact us on: 0117 941 3857 / info@invisiblecircus.co.uk