Doug Francisco the chameleon-like ring master of the Invisible Circus presents a multiphrenic one man cabaret of characters from his own adventures around the world. Delving into his past as a street performer in Europe, he invokes a plethora of potent eccentrics in a variety of shady and sublime locations, from Portuguese jails, to the Moroccan mountains. He tells stories of his journeys and adventures in the pursuit of positive change and solidarity with the dream of bringing the show to the stage.

This show is a medley of schizophrenic voices and faces from the past, all conversing across different chapters. The theatricality of the ringmaster contrasts with the gritty realism of the other characters. This juxtaposition truly is the Invisible Circus as the stories and chapters of memories are presented as acts in the cabaret of life.

The show is a one-man carnival of storytelling, physical comedy and song, as he parodies without prejudice, invoking the dreams, memories and nightmares of his own European parade.

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Review: The Invisible Journey @ The Island Mayfest 2011

“A fascinating glimpse into the mind of a fascinating man.”