The ZZZ is an interactive installation zoo populated by some sideways and very colourful characters, each one unique in their fetishes and fancies. Some  ‘animals’ have personality disorders, some are massively insecure and some are complete divas. They are kept in order (ish) by two psychologically scarred transvestite animal trainers from the continent who are ex-lovers and so continually bicker amongst themselves as they lurch through their showbiz lives. They are all seriously afflicted by their egos and addictions through the success of the zoo and their swift and meteoric rise to fame as international celebrities.

The ZZZ also exists as a stage show, where each animal presents his/her trick. Umbongo the gorilla jumps through a flaming hoop… Edwina the hippo can flower arrange and pole dance at the same time, Tony the tiger jumps up and down on a trampette whilst eating frosties, Cecile the seal makes a delightful tuna pasta bake… the animals also perform ensemble moves where they all work together to create daring acrobatic feats.


2010-3-20 Zip Zag Zoo-0052 2010-3-20 Zip Zag Zoo-0028 2010-3-20 Zip Zag Zoo-0020 2010-3-20 Zip Zag Zoo-0014 2010-3-20 Zip Zag Zoo-0012  2010-3-18 Zip Zag Zoo-0033

2010-3-18 Zip Zag Zoo-0076