Creative Common 20012-2014

Creative Common was a new cultural destination in Bristol (between 2012 -2014)  providing a creative & exciting space. A creative hub in the heart of the city, showcasing a spectacular array of performers, artists, eateries & enterprises. Creative Common was brought to life by a partnership of The Invisible Circus, Co-exist, Circomedia, Bristol City Council, Temple Quay Enterprise Zone & Homes & Communities Agency.

In the middle of Creative Common was a Big Top tent which served as a unique multi-purpose event space for the project. Our aim was to produce a diverse programme of events and with Theatre & Performance productions both large and small scale as a big part of it. The size of the space made it suitable for immersive theatre/performance as well as more conventional sit-down theatre productions. The goal was for people to shape Creative Common into a creative community space and everyone was very welcome to play a big part in shaping it!



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