Since the beginning of 2013 we have been practising Social Circus, offering circus skills workshops to young people from Bristol and beyond. We have discovered some mighty talent and enthusiasm, as well as sharing and learning such essential life skills as trust, teamwork, daring, body awareness, perseverance and achievement.

Where we work

Within Bristol we choose to work in what are some of the most deprived wards in the country, where young people often don’t get much access to the thriving circus scene in the City. We take it to them, with great results. During half term, Easter and Summer holidays we run courses, leading up to shows for friends, family and community, as well as regular weekly Sunday sessions at Felix Road Adventure Playground, and more focused after school classes on Wednesdays combining Arts and Education, in collaboration with local primary schools. We welcome students with physical and learning difficulties as we believe everybody can benefit by being part of the group and working at their own pace.

Our philosophy

We believe all young people have great potential to become solid members of their community, proud of who they are and what they can do. We use circus as a tool for social change, through associating and working with young people. We are not looking to turn out a new generation of circus performers, there are plenty of fine schools and tutors that can do this, especially in Bristol. Our aim is to teach circus skills to any level, but more importantly to focus on the process of developing a skill and the gifts that learning and succeeding bring. We want young people to see that learning can be enjoyable and that adults can be here to help, encourage and pass on skills, rather than deem what is right and wrong in the process. We frequently gain new ideas from the young people we work with and encourage them to discover new ways of training as well as passing on their newly-learnt skills as mentors to the other students.

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