A few of the projects and trips we have run so far…

April 2015 – Felix Family Fundraising Fayre and Easter Circus Project

In April 2015 we worked in collaboration with Felix Road Adventure Playground to put on  a fund-raising event. Parallel to this we organised a week-long circus show project, with the final production being staged as the highlight of the Fundraising event. The theme of the day was a multicultural Spring Fair and was extremely well attended by members of the Playground and Easton community.

easter poster to email          felix family fundraising fayre publicity poster


July 2014 – St. Paul’s Carnival

In 2014 we participated in the St Paul’s Carnival Masquerade with a troupe from Felix Road Adventure Playground. For the six weeks leading up to the big day we ran sessions at the Playground, teaching stilt walking, movement, puppet making and costume creation with professionals from the Circus and Carnival world including costumiere Coco Banks and puppeteer Sophie Myland. The result was a mind-blowing 15- strong troupe full of colour and enthusiasm. They stilt-walked, danced and manoeuvred their giant puppets for the full two and a half hours of the Parade, and ended up winning second place in the Best Community Group category!

st pauls carnival mas parade 2014

waiting to start the parade st pauls 2014

st pauls carnival mas parade troupe 2014

in the parade st pauls 2014




May 2014 – Getting together with Playbus

In May we collaborated with Bristol Playbus at Felix Road Playground, mixing our students with a group from St George who were learning circus for the first time. Thank you to Playbus for their inspiration in making this happen.

working on circus workshops with the playbus project at felix road playground

January 2014 – Performing at the Station

We were asked to participate in an event run by Youth for Youth in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care at the Station Youth Centre in central Bristol. Ten of our young trainees prepared acts and we performed a ten minute variety piece for the public and helped to raise money for this good cause.

invisible youth circus at the station, bristol

invisible youth performing tight wire at the station, bristol, in aid of macmillan cancer care

invisible youth performing staff at the station, bristol, in aid of macmillan cancer care

invisible youth performing flower stick at the station, bristol, in aid of macmillan cancer care

Trips to Professional Performances

We were offered free tickets for a Christmas holiday trip to watch Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall in London in January 2016.

We were able to offer our young students a visit to the Greatest Show on Earth at one of the country’s top venues. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this possible.

This follows previous visits to Cirque de Soleil in January 2014 and 2015 .

Other shows we have organised free trips to see include:

Pirates of the Carabiner ‘Flown’ 2014

Insect Circus 2014

NoFit State Circus ‘Bianco’ 2014

The Invisible Circus ‘Carnyville’ 2011

Gerry Cottle’s Turbo Circus 2013

Circus Starr 2014

Bristol Circus City: ‘ The Marie Celestial’ 2015

and in April 2015, students of Invisible Youth had the chance to watch an exclusive preview of the Invisible Circus’s  ‘Under The Dark Moon’ at the Bristol Old Vic.


December 2013 – Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade

invisible youth participating in bedminster winter lantern parade, bristol

Some of our budding young artists from our Sunday workshops at Felix Road featured in the Bedminster Lantern Parade on Saturday 7th December.

They showed off their stilt walking skills in the parade, walking over a mile in Bedminster.

This was a fabulous opportunity for our youngsters to showcase their skills and inspire kids from other neighbourhoods to take up circus skills. We were proud to accompany them and impressed with their perseverance, even in the bad weather.

 November 2013 and 2014 – Stapleton Road Family Day

Members of Invisible Youth ran free drop-in workshops in tight wire, hula hoop and open box skills at Stapleton Road Family Day, Easton, Bristol, accompanied by one of our face painters.

 invisible youth circus workshops at stapleton road family day

invisible youth circus workshops at stapleton road family day, face paint

invisible youth workshops at stapleton road family day 2014

Halloween 2013


During Halloween Half Term 2013, members of Invisible Youth took part in an international circus education exchange called Social Educircation, with partners from 6 other European countries, hosted here in Bristol. It was co-ordinated by Invisible Circus artist Miss Radida.

Twelve adult circus practitioners worked for a week with our rising young stars from Felix Road, and created a fabulous Halloween show called Trick or Treat at All Hallows Hall in Easton.

The show was very well attended, and the performers really shone after five afternoons of one-to-one work with circus professionals.

The adult participants spent the mornings in workshops with renowned clown and drama therapist, Holly Stoppit and used the wisdom they had learnt with her to make headway with the young performers in the afternoon.

It was a very intense week with the results being clear in the fabulous show that was produced. For more information on the wider project, go to



The funding came from European Union/Ecorys/Grundtvig Partnership programme.

trick or treat european partnership workshop funded by grundtvig

 trick or treat european partnership project, publicity poster

In April 2016 we will be repeating this project, hosting a week of social circus exploration, working with Holly Stoppit and tutors from partner organisations in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Creative Common Summer Circus camp 2013

Creative Common summer circus project 2013


We have also worked on micro projects with partners including:

Knightstone Housing Association

Backwell Festival

Bristol Islamic Festival

Cauldwell Children


Wandsworth Borough Council

Urban Splash

St Werburgh’s Primary School, Bristol

invisible youth circus workshop for knightstone housing association residents' event