Felix Road Adventure Playground, Felix Road, Easton, BS5 0JW
Sundays 3 - 5pm (School Summer Holidays​ Wednesdays 3-5pm​)​
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These free, weekly sessions are the core of what we do. We offer a range of circus skills coached by professional tutors to all the young people who attend the playground, regardless of background or ability. We follow the inclusive, open-access ethos of the playground, so students are under no obligation to stay, achieve or conform, other than when safety dictates. So they are free to explore various circus disciplines for themselves with tutors to guide them, whilst at the same time experiencing deeper values such as trust, inclusion, teamwork, perseverance, risk and concentration. We are not looking to train a new generation of circus performers as there are many fine schools which can do that. Our interest lies more in the journey, rather than the destination, and in empowering and building bonds between young people.

Each session culminates in a Show and Tell performance, where the young people can demonstrate what they have learned or created that day, as well as hosting and designing their own show for their peers.

We also run 3 and 5-day free courses in the school holidays, where we work together to create a show. These require a level of commitment from participants (see ‘City of Circus’ heading).