The Photo Booth Pop Up Studio is a unique and interactive experience of another world. Let yourself get primped and preened for our photographers and if you like what you see you can buy an instant professional high quality from our entertaining hosts.

Born and raised in The Invisible Circus’s events and spectaculars, it was originally created as a way to capture all the amazing, glamorous, weird and wonderful costumes that were created by our performers and guests for each show.

Each booth is always custom built and designed in exquisite detail to compliment the theme of the event. We have selected the most popular themes and now offer them for public and private events, as well as still creating bespoke booths for specific events.

Popular themes

Black & White Circus, Vintage Circus, Pirates, Wonderland, Roaring 20’s, Retro Chique

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20160702_Stuart_bd_BTS_rendered_0005pirate photo booth3131220-Cheltenham-SWD-00001 Hype Cheltenham 2015 Dec 18th 0001black and white circus photo booth

vintage circus photo booth