What does it mean?

You need to be a professional member to train at our unit. The annual membership fee is £5 to be paid when you join and then £5 thereafter per week that you wish to use the space. You can train as many times as you like during the week you have paid for as long as the space is available. Because the unit can be hired out by other companies there will be times when training might not be available. You are not able to pre book training spaces (unless you want to hire the whole space) and the system works on a first come, first serve basis.

There are mats in the space that you will be able to use but you will need to bring any other equipment with you. We may be able to help with specific equipment or rigging but this would need to be arranged prior to arrival.

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What membership entitles you to

We have a kitchen and shower room with free Wi-Fi and lounge space in the unit. We also have a small warm up room, which you are welcome to use if it is available.


The £5 Membership fee will be required on a yearly basis. This does not include heating in the room.


Heating is £6 an hour. This can be paid monthly or added onto you fee as you go. (You don’t have to have the heating on).


What you need to do next:

Please contact Miriam Gosling at info@invisiblecircus.co.uk with the subject title: Training Membership and a copy of your Public liability Insurance. We will then arrange a time for an induction to the space.


You MUST have public liability insurance to train.

Download the PDF here:Training Membership