Spanning a breathtaking spectrum of themes, characters, performers, emotions, spectacles, stagecraft, storytelling threads and dreamscapes, The Invisible Circus have produced shows everywhere from Regency theatres and Circus Big Tops to old Fire Stations and industrial facilities.

Based in the UK since 2002, the company’s ethos lies in its roots as a street performance troupe. Having spent the 1990s exploring Europe’s rich performance culture and embracing a rich tapestry of traditions, The Invisible Circus has grown up in arts festivals, street performances, carnivals and independent creation spaces.

This community emphasis has remained at the heart of the company. Drawing together a diverse range of artists, performers, actors, directors, dancers, film makers, choreographers, musicians, makers and technicians, the company thrives on dynamic creative energy.

We combine all these elements to tell stories, which is at the core of what we do. We devise and develop ideas as a collective and present a wide variety of productions from intimate theatrical experiences to full-scale circus extravaganzas.

As well as company productions we also provide performers, bands, technicians, riggers, prop makers, make-up artists, costume-makers, site and build crew for events and private bookings, ranging from the intimate secret gigs to monumental spectacles.

The Invisible Circus conjures up worlds of fancy and mystery and dares you to step inside.

Anthony Story - Bristol Culture

The Invisible Circus were amazing. Their mastery of the physical side of circus, the incredible atmosphere they created and the decidedly masterful blend of theatre and hopping around made for a sterling show.

Louis J Wilson, Editor - Inter: Mision

The circus acts are top notch, but the real magic is in the details festooning the venue, and the team work used to pull all the elements together.

Review of Carny Ville - Venue Magazine

And so the Invisible Circus bandwagon rolls on, drawing ever more intrigued, seduced and ultimately bowled-over Bristolians in its wake.

Steve Wright- Venue Magazine

People aren’t happy in their lives, and commercialism doesn’t’ fix that, but art, music theatre and circus can.

Doug Francis - The Invisible Circus

1 Doug Francis Creative Director _ Ringmaster

Doug Francis

Creative Director
2 Wim Penhaul Technical Director

Wim Penhaul

Technical Director

Sarah Pugh

Company Manager
4 Sarah Fielding Associate Director

Sarah Fielding

Associate Director
5 Michelle Savage Associate Designer

Michelle Savage

Associate Designer
6 Ash Deeks Project manager

Ash Deeks

Project manager
7 Abby Hill Project manager

Abi Hill

Project manager
8 Alice Ellerby Finance Manager

Alice Ellerby

Finance Manager
9 Willy Brothwood Musical Director

Willy Brothwood

Musical Director
10 Lara Skowronska  Costume and wardrobe.

Lara Skowronska

Costume and wardrobe
11 Spencer Dixey Techical Support and Photo Booth

Spencer Dixey

Technical Support and Photo Booth
12 Lights and Sound Team

Lights & Sound Team


Set Build & Decor Team

15 Invisible Youth Team

Invisible Youth Team

14 Rigging Team

Rigging Team

poster collage

Marketing Team